Soul Retrieval


" The Soul loves the truth, and the pathway to truth is to be strong in your energy field "

Denise Linn, Energy Strands

From a shamanic perspective, the soul is energy. 

Our energy field, our essence, is damaged when we experience a trauma, which, in that particular moment of our lives, our psyche is not strong enough or indeed ready to cope with. Childhood traumas, abuse, grief, loss, conflict, betrayals, ill-will of another person, accidents and so on can cause a part of our energy to leave our energy field. The soul fragment leaves our energy field to protect itself from the emotional burden and goes to another non-ordinary dimensional realm where it is safe but needs to be reintegrated.

During the soul retrieval session, I will guide you to the non-ordinary place to find your soul part, to become aware of the conditions that caused its fragmentation, the parts of your body where it is missing, the negative energies that need to be removed in order to welcome the piece of the soul back home, in a clean, loving home. I will then work energetically and shamanically to bring the soul part back into your whole being.  

The soul fragment has its own consciousness, memories and emotional charge of what happened to make it leave. Soul retrieval is the first step towards a new wholeness that will require changes; for some minor, if the soul part was small, for others greater changes will occur. It is a unique individual integration process that can take several months.  

Once the pieces of your energy are back, the negative energies that have caused it to go need to be cleared out from your life, too. If your energetic immune system is weakened, there will be always the potential to become energetically sick again if you are around other negative sick people. 

In psychology, soul loss is a form of dissociation; trauma happens when our nervous system becomes overwhelmed and our most primal coping strategies fail. The unprocessed traumas get locked into our body in a biological state of stress, anger, obsessions, fear, reactivity, chronic anxiety, recurrent negative behaviors, toxic relationships, substance abuse, depression, addictions, health issues, loss of personal power and so on.

At an energetic level, the spaces left empty in the auric field due to soul loss will be refilled by other misplaced energies resonating with the lower frequency. The more openings in the energy field a person has, the more energetically vulnerable.  This is why in shamanic cultures, soul retrieval is done within a few days, being considered a main case of illness. 

In my personal experience, I have witnessed people having found their purpose and energy to pursue it, happily changing sometimes their circumstances radically and sometimes the change in their lives was soft but at a very deep level. What mostly emerged was the self-care and creative force in making life a comfortable beautiful home for oneself. I have seen people become very creative and going for their dreams and inspirations.