Ancestral Healing


One thing is clear: life sends us forward with something unresolved from the past.”   
 ―   Mark Wolynn, It Didn't Start With You

We are the offspring of a life stream that goes back in time to the origins of our species. Life has survived and reached us and goes through us into the next generations. Our ancestors have given us the gift of our lives, passing on us their some of qualities. 

From a shamanic perspective, the information passed through the DNA contains not only the physical qualities, but also the information on all other levels of our being – spiritual, mental, emotional. Energy delivers information. Negative experiences, negative mindsets, dysfunctional tendencies (genetic negative “ancestral karma”) travel with their information through the ladders of our DNA. What shamanic cultures called “ancestral gold”, all the positive life affirming qualities of our ancestral line. In order to fully express all the positive qualities handed over to us, cleaning that line from blockages is necessary.

During a session, I will guide you to discover which one of  your ancestor’s blockages have affected you, your life, and your mental, emotional, spiritual patterns and to remove the energetic charge of this conditioning from all levels of your being, clearing the path in-between and forward, where your soul purpose from here goes. 

In my personal experience, I have found out about a female ancestor from my father´s line, who definitely had a tough marriage back in the 1700s. Considering the legal conditions of women in her times, it was not possible for her to exit an abusive relationship, not even to talk about it. She was objectified and lived as a captive in a golden cage. I recognized her face as I saw her before when I was 7 years old. I gained clarity and understanding about how her feelings affected my life, and I was deeply relieved when the sadness emotional charge and her subconscious thoughts of unworthiness were released with her. I felt like a vacuum cleaner had gone through all the cells of my body removing a deep heaviness! 

In some cases a negative cord removal towards the negative ancestral lines is first necessary to start freeing someone´s path from excessive burden before an ancestral healing regression. 

I have witnessed how ancestral healing regression has given people a huge insight into their own patterns, stepping back from what we have inherited that does not match the purpose of the soul, experiencing the opposites and thus developing a holistic comprehension, feeling compassion for all the beings involved and gratitude at the end for that amazing gift of our life that has reached us because we are all survivors from the beginning of our ancestral line and the power of life has always prevailed.

It is a very profound work, adjusting the foundations to fit your purpose for incarnating and it will need time to be fully integrated.