Power Animals Retrieval


" When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace" 

Jimi Hendrix

Power animals are living forces in a non-ordinary reality that are connected to nature. They are part of you, guide you, show you the qualities to integrate to become whole, they express your energy and protect you. Indigenous shamans also believe that our power animal is given to us when we are born into this world.

The “power” referred to the Power Animal is the life force they carry with them. It has nothing to do with having power over others. True power is over oneself and one's life.

They contain and are the keepers of a knowledge, wisdom and intelligence developed throughout millions of years of their evolution on the physical plane. Each animal represents in the spiritual world the qualities that it manifests in the natural world. They share with you specific attributes to increase your consciousness, perception and personal power. Each and every one of them is unique in the energy and qualities bringing to this plane. 

On the other hand totem animal helpers can accompany you and guide you for a particular cycle of your life, issue, venture, and lesson and change many times during an individual´s life, personal power animals represent also your essence, your peculiar energy at different levels, i.e. in this reality and in non-ordinary reality. You do not choose a power animal. It chooses you. It is one of your teachers. You may have dreamt of a specific animal in pivotal moments of your life. That would probably be your power animal. 

We have three main power animals related to our Lower World (Subconscious, lower energy centers, the roots, our past), Middle World (Conscious, our present, our role in the world, the  integrator force, representative of our heart center, the present), Upper World (Superconscious, our Higher Self, our upper energy centers, vision of the future). When you do not connect to your power animal, from a shamanic perspective, you lose strength, vital force, personal power.

When you do not express your power animal qualities, the power animal could leave you and conscious effort to bring it back will be necessary. It is a proper relationship to treat with respect, love and engagement.  

During a session, I will guide you drumming to journey through your Lower, Middle and Upper World to discover, communicate to and retrieve your own power animal. I advise to you be open to your discovery. It may be an animal you have never thought of, liked or knew of its existence. Embrace the unexpected. It will be the beginning of a wonderful life changing relationship. 

I personally discovered my power animals in a life span of seventeen years. I did not know what a power animal was until they appeared in my dreams when life changing events happened in my life. Only when I journeyed, with the specific intention to find my own power animals, guided by my teachers, I could confirm the three power animals, which appeared in stunning detail and we could finally reconnect. I felt a warm energy running through my body, tears of joy and gratitude as their strength and awareness was now accepted and recognized.  

As we grow we go past the beliefs that limit you; as we grow energetically, our personal power animal may also change. I personally experienced a change in one of my power animals in recent times, after more shifts and changes happened in me. 

Shamanic practices are about direct revelation and spiritual freedom to grow into who you are meant to be, to experience wholeness in all your aspect of your being. Reconnect to the source, reconnect to your authentic self. Reconnect to your own power animals.