Shamanic Energy Healing



is reconnecting ourselves and our lives to a more harmonious balance on all levels of our being: physical, emotional, mental, sexual, spiritual. It is co-creating our lives in accordance to our original soul blueprint and purpose on all levels. It is an always evolving and wondrous journey.



is not a belief system but a direct experience of spiritual knowledge where information and healing can be received. As old as humankind, from diverse traditions, but ultimately unique for each individual as diverse as the different traditions.



is restoring the flow of energy in several layers of the body to help the body’s own natural ability to heal. The focus is often on solving emotional or spiritual problems which impact at the root of peoples’ lives and health.


Skywoman Healing is full member of the Dachverbandes Geistiges Heilen e. V., the german umbrella association for spiritual healers.

Please note: Shamanic, Energy & Spiritual Healing  do not provide a substitute for diagnoses or treatments of naturopaths, doctors or psychotherapists. 

Rechtlicher Hinweis:  Geistiges Heilen ist keinesfalls einen Ersatz für Arztbesuch, ärztliche oder psychotherapeutische oder sonst heilkundliche Behandlung und diagnostische Tätigkeit ersetzt.