“ If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”.

- Nikola Tesla

Everything is energy. We are energy. Our thoughts are energy. Our emotions are energy. Not all energy is good for us. In Chinese medicine, Qi means “life force, energy of a subtler nature than physical structures, while Xie Qi means “corrupt, vitiated, irregular, misplaced, inappropriate energy” that weakens the system, creates functional disorder and disharmony. 

Misplaced energies and parasitic entities are not the same thing, but they have similar characteristics: difficult to digest and integrate, foreign.  

To alchemists, compost is a wonder of nature and source of deep teachings. Rotting material, full of bacteria that are making the soil fertile. Put some of these bacteria in your meal, let them proliferate in your intestines and their misplacement will probably give you diarrhea.  

What we do with energy is up to us. What recipe we are going to cook for a meal is up to us. Which ingredients we choose is up to us, as well as the guests we invite to our table. Think of yourself as a beautiful big cauldron, able to contain and be the vessel for a beautiful soul nourishing meal, every time you want. The choice of the ingredients will give your meal a particular taste and particular nutrients.

Imagine that on a bad day, your mood is really negative so you do not pay attention to which ingredients you use, if they are expired, rotten. Maybe the pot is cracked and the food leaks out, maybe you let the content overheat and it burns, maybe you forget about the pan with its content and flies start to eat the food and replicate, maybe there is even somebody passing by who really is hungry and steals your food. You may even forget to wash it up. 

In a nutshell, these are metaphors with which I would start explaining “unhealthy, misplaced, un-invited” energies in the energy field. Some are self-produced, others are attracted. However insidious a bug can be, however uncomfortable the cleanse, there is an infinite waterfall of life force that can wash it away and restore balance and each of us has access to it.  

Connecting us to the source of life, means that from the Higher Self down to the incarnated self, each level of our being expresses itself in harmony according to our Higher Will. This is how we co-create “heaven on earth”. This is how the waterfall flows free from obstacles and runs clean. This is how we cooperate with Guides that are truly in resonance with our Higher Self and our soul´s purpose. 

At an energetic level, when our field is fragmented, the spaces left empty - due to a soul loss, drugs, meddling with energy etc. for example – attract other energies (deceased, non-human beings, non-earthly beings, negative energies and entities) that resonate with the lower frequency trigger points (i.e. ignorance, anger, frustrations, fears, low frequency emotions etc.). These entities have just seen a door opened by such lower vibrations and fit like a key to the lock. They insert themselves in the weakened energy field, and feed themselves on the person’s vital energy. They tend to create emotional dramas, conflicts, obsessions, numbness, powerlessness, addictions and even illnesses as these are all ways to let the person produce energy loss.   

From my personal experience, on the lower layers of the energy bodies, the space affected would appear dark, dense, heavy, gross. Misplaced energies, would appear in minor living dark shapes of various kind.There may be negative programs implanted in the form of an object or symbol. In the auric fields, there could be cuts allowing further loss of energy and foreign entries, different shapes formations in-between the layers that tend to corrupt the original soul´s blueprint from the Higher Self down to the lower planes. It is as if the original information sent by our higher planes finds obstacles and receives a different external code from the original divine one while moving towards the lower planes. 

We all need to remember who we really are, our unique gifts that are needed, restore the harmonious and balanced flow of life energy in us. Forgiveness of oneself and others, taking responsibility for one’s life, restoring sacred boundaries, moving on our soul purpose are powerful medicine.    

During every sessions, I will guide you to be aware of the misplaced unhealthy energies, their effects on your etheric, astral and physical bodies, the placement, to be aware of how you have attracted and how they impact your life, taking responsibility for taking care of one Self.  I will then work shamanically and energetically merging with my specialist helpers to remove them and their eventual fragments.  

Extraction is the first step towards personal energetic hygiene, but as for the soul retrieval, it is paramount to take responsibility for facing one's own shadow self, dysfunctional behaviors and limiting beliefs: action must be taken otherwise what was extracted will find its way back. 

A new energy, a higher vibrational energy has to refill and seal our energy bodies. Clean water needs to be poured into the muddy water. This starts with keeping clean one's conscious or unconscious intentions and motivations.