Cord Removal


 “ Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits;  watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it  becomes your destiny.”     

 ―       Lao Tzu    

Cords are made of energy. They connect people´s energy bodies and transfer emotional energy between them through and beyond space and time.


Positive, healthy cords are those of love and affection, support and they nourish your soul. They yield positive, mood-enhancing effects – inspiration, spiritual uplift, and optimism. If you walk away from an interaction with someone feeling happy, upbeat or supported, then you can be sure a healthy energetic cord was created. 

In contrast, negative cords leave you feeling drained, emotionally exhausted, and depleted. Negative cording can be done maliciously from one person to other, whereby they are also created unknowingly. They come from people who don’t realize they are doing it. People who tell themselves they “want your best”, ex partners and lovers, family members, friends, people who are depressed or struggling, feeling lost or alone, or people who want to dominate and control you, or simply unconsciously find themselves attracted to your light, like bugs to a lantern, attracted to an energetic richness that they somehow are in need of and cannot provide for themselves.

Cord removal can help you separate yourself from old baggage, unnecessary attachments, and release you from connections that are no longer serving you. 

It can bring the necessary detachment in order to see things for what they really are, without being influenced by the energetic charge of the cord. It can stop the recurrent negative patterns from the past to continue.

During a cord removal session, I will guide you to be aware of which negative connection it is time to cleanse the effect from your energy bodies, the negative cords placement and emotional-psychological-behavioral charge, the awareness of how you have contributed to the co-creation of a negative cord and how it has affected your life, the restitution of what does not energetically belong to you and vice versa.

 In my personal experience, I have removed cords from connections that were draining my energy reserve and clouding my discernment. I realized that much of my emotional suffering, for example, was due to my picking on the negative feelings and  toughts of others. It is natural that we open ourselves up to other people, and that because of our affection we would like to help the people we love or others, but sometimes the exchange is unfair and unbalanced and we risk assuming their loads without knowing it and without being responsible for dealing with other people´s issues. This has also an energetic effect. 

Empathy is not sympathy. 

I have also witnessed people finding a better understanding and peace in their relationship once the cord created by their personal issues was removed. I also witnessed cords removed between people and their loved ones who have passed away but that remained and continued to affect them with the unsolved issues of the past. In most cases, an energy recovery and a clarity of mind is regained or acquired after a cord removal session. Most of the time, personal prejudices or projections onto another person create powerful negative cords which drain mostly the prejudiced person in the effort to reinforce the disharmonious mental constructs. 

Cord removal requires taking personal responsibility for our actions and working on changing negative behavioral patterns and thought processes in order to keep a healthy balance between giving and receiving; to respect boundaries, personal and others at all levels; to honor and appreciate everyone´s individual path and uniqueness and to come back to your centre.