Healing Regression


If you want to spend the years you have left reenacting the old  drama of the past – you can. The same script be indeed coming around for your review. But if you want, you can take the script, and give it an awesome rewrite.”  

Marianne Williamson

Shamanic healing regression brings you to the origin of a specific evolutionary blockage in order to be aware, release and heal it.  

During a session, I will guide you to reach the exact time, space and events where your soul experienced something that has had a negative impact – whether psychologically, emotionally, physically, etc. – and is still energetically blocking the next step in your evolution.

In this journey, working together energetically and shamanically, becoming aware of how those events have impacted your present incarnation, releasing the energetic charge at all levels of your being, a shift in consciousness is possible and your life manifests on a different and wholesome level.

While releasing energy blocks, limiting beliefs, negative emotions, fears, external conditioning, outdated past lives contracts, you will gain a better understanding of who you are, your soul lessons and your personal abilities. 

I advise to approach the session with the intention of releasing the blockage that is needed to be released in this present moment for your Higher Good. 

In some of my personal healing regressions for example, I finally became aware of some of my blockages regarding my spiritual path I could have never even dreamt of before.  

In one regression, I found myself in a forest territory in the current northern California state, where the Miwok tribe currently lives. It was 2 c.e. and I saw myself standing in front of a giant hollow trunk. All I wanted was to offer a healing ceremony for the benefit of the tribe, I knew exactly what to do, how to do it and when, the memories and the knowledge of that medicine flew in my awareness. However, a great feeling of deep frustration characterized that incarnation too. In order to serve my tribe, I needed support. My old healer teacher in that life, after she had trained me as it was meant to be, boycotted me when I had developed my own knowledge and skills. All she really cared for was maintaining her status in the tribe, so she manipulated the other members into believing her methods were the only ones and best ones (easily done as they had no knowledge and experience in the healing arts and the trust given to her). When I died in that incarnation, she did not even hesitate to steal my ideas. 

My soul lesson in that life was clear: do not give your power away, be spiritually independent, look into the hearts of people, and understand the true nature of spiritual power and service to the community.  

In a different regression, I re-lived my incarnation as a young merchant in Cartage where I lost my wife, the love of my life, and my baby in childbirth. I relived the pain, thoughts and despair, the loss of meaning that brought me to close my heart, focus on my job and acquaintances. The truth was that I did not have the strength to go through all the tough feelings and emotions in that incarnation. I therefore blocked myself and the good in life to reach me.  

The soul lesson for me of that incarnation was: you need to feel it, if you want to heal it and not block the beauty of life. 

In other healing regressions, I could retrieve previous knowledge and talents by remembering, reintegrating and releasing the blockages in my energy fields which came from that time. I have seen people going through wonderful shifts in their awareness and lives. 

The integration of such journeys on an energetic, psychological and emotional level, takes from a couple of weeks to several months. It is a unique individual process where you are given the tools to finally understand and evolve on your personal path with self-love, peace and compassion. 

Most of the experiences which I have had the privilege to witness during the shamanic healing regression are mostly about acceptance of one´s journey, stopping the judgmental negative attitude towards oneself and others and understanding how unique our path is. 

It is about becoming aware that every meeting and experience in our lives is an important portal, an opportunity at a soul level, and we can always be grateful if we focus on the lessons. 

We all have our free will, we make choices according to our personal evolution but, ultimately, each individual is responsible for the life we live. When we take care of our Higher Good, we automatically serve everyone else’s Higher Good.

Some flowers are ready to bloom in different moments of the year, and so do humans. We all go through diverse experiences until we integrate some lessons, discover new truths, new states of mind, better ways of living. One incarnation is as quick as a blink of an eye in the eternity of the soul.