Absolutely deep healing ❤ thank you Floriana for a wonderful journey to myself. You opened a  space and guided me to my ancestors in a way I would never have  expected. Within a beautiful and safe setting I got to know more about  myself, my conditioning and my feelings. A new view is going to open new  perspectives. Much Love

- Vanessa - Germany

I experienced a healing regression with Floriana and must say it was  really a mind-altering experience. She is a very gifted healer and a  passionate soul who wants to help people to empower themselves and  understand themselves better. I felt very safe and could go into a deep  trance, where healing necessary according to my higher self could take  place. Floriana is a warm-hearthed and humble woman with a deep  understanding of the unseen world and how to read and shift energies.  She guides you through the process holding the space and assists where  she can, giving helpful tools and advice afterwards for integration. If  you are ready to transform yourself to get closer to your real purpose, I  wholeheartly can recommend booking a session with Floriana.

- Lisbeth - Austria

Es war eine tolle Erfahrung die mich sehr unterstützt hat meine Mitte zu finden! Absolut empfehlenswert .

- Andrea - Italy

Healing with Floriana is an amazing experience. This lady knows her  stuff, it goes deep! I feel more aligned, energised and centred. Working  with voice, sound, song and healing energies to bring what's needed to  heal. A truly beautiful lady who works from the heart to help others.  Thank you for my incredible healing yesterday.

- Elly - United Kingdom

Floriana is a serious and professional guide. During the healing  regression she made me feel safe, supported and well despite the strong  involvement a regression brings with it by nature. At the end of the  session, the blockages have been lifted and I felt light and happy. I  look forward to repeating the experience to untie another knot and keep  on moving forward in my self-empowerment.

- Maria Grazia - Italy

I felt safe, secure and supported throughout my healing session with  Floriana which made it very easy for me to be at ease and relax. It’s  evident that much thought, care and consideration has gone into creating  these beautifully crafted sessions so the whole process unfolds  organically with each part blending seamlessly into the next. I found  the session deeply healing, extremely beneficial and insightful, casting  a new light on buried issues. I would highly recommend a healing  session with Floriana.

- Soman - United Kingdom

Professional, prepared and competent. I have followed her for years and I  have been able to appreciate her great knowledge and her skills as a  guide and a healer. Every treatment went very well and I noticed the  real benefits, every consultation a pearl of knowledge and intuition. I  absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a trained healer and an  authoritative guide.

Nazareno - Italy

I have experienced a healing regression and a soul retrieval with  Floriana and that has started a new positive and happy cycle in my life.  She goes deep and guides you to regain your own power over yourself and  to walk your path in beauty, courage, balance and peace. I have gained  so much insight on myself and my life, found the way to reconnect to  myself. She is a very humble and kind woman with a loving heart who can  hold the space in a very safe way. It had a very positive impact on me  and I can only recommend her to anyone who wishes finally to move  forward where they are meant to go.

Vittoria - Italy

ich war neulich bei Floriana und die Erfahrung war unbeschreiblich. Sie  hat meine Chakren und Matrix wieder eingerenkt, so dass ich wieder  durchatmen konnte. Ich bekam auch Tropfen von ihr und habe dann  angefangen tatsächlich alles klar zu sehen, wo ich hin will und was ich  brauch.  ich kann mich nicht genug bedanken.

Matthew - Germany

Ich durfte selber schon bei Floriana eine Heil-Reise erfahren. Sie geht  sehr professionell vor und ich habe das Gefühl eine abgerundete  Behandlung bekommen zu haben, mit Erleuchtungs-Erlebnissen.

Sören - Germany

Deeply healing treatment. I felt very comfortable and in safe hands.  Since the treatment I feel deeply rested and present. I am recommending  to everyone I know because I believe everyone would benefit from this.

Sophia - United Kingdom

I highly recommend Floriana's spiritual guidance and holistic approach.  It really has had a great positive impact on me. Very inspirational.

Nina - United Kingdom