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Several shamanic cultures around the world have created their own version of the Medicine Wheel. Each medicine wheel is valid, as it is a map that serves us to orient ourselves between microcosm and macrocosm, a compass that helps us to find our way, a model that maps the flow of processes in cycles, a sacred circle, a cauldron and much more. 

As we go through its directions, we receive its teachings, we build our "medicine bag", we harmonize with the energies, the elements, the guides in a multidimensional geography. Every element within it is present at every point, but walking along its cycle allows us to understand its various aspects and flow with it in the cycle of our lives; it teaches us to importance to balance, harmony and interconnection. Walking through it helps us to understand where we are stuck, showing us what resources we can draw on when we need guidance and support. It therefore offers us different teachings at various levels and a transformative path of self-knowledge, integration and fullness. 

The interpretation of the wheel proposed in the workshop was developed on the basis of the elements attributed by European traditions and integrated with the planetary correspondences of the celestial wheel I work with. 

In this workshop you will be able to acquire the tools to work on yourself in a deep, independent, simple, personal way through: 

☆The techniques of shamanic journeying for self-knowledge, exploration, harmonization of the various aspects of self - spiritual, mental, emotional, physical.

☆The exploration of the Three Worlds according to shamanic cultures – Lower World, Middle World, Upper World – and the Tree of Life.

☆The exploration and harmonization of the elements – earth, air, fire, water.

☆To reconnect with your personal power through the encounter with your power animals and guides. 

☆To create your own medicine wheel to guide your path and improve your life.

☆Techniques of inner alchemy.

☆To co-create together with your Higher Self and the Web of Life that connects all beings on each plane in accordance to the cosmic cycles.

Shamanism is a set of spiritual tools of practical application. You can have any or no religious affiliation to participate to the workshop. No previous experience is required.

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Join us on this sacred journey to the temples of Ancient Egypt along the lush Nile Valley to experience the resonance of this sacred land and receive the wisdom codes from its living temples, activating your genetic memory, inherent knowing of sacred keys of divinity within you. Accessing Ancient Egyptian Wisdom through direct experience and energetic transmissions from gifted spiritual guides and healers, while working with the Divine frequencies of the Neteru (Divine Principles / Cosmic Archetypes). 

In times of great awakening we journey to places of heightened spiritual energies because contact with such energy is a catalyst to our own awakening. Here it is where the resonance is most felt and energetic signatures directly accessed and received.

Ancient sacred sites were created with divine awareness with an impeccable precision of mathematical and sacred geometrical architecture combined with a specific combination of natural elements over the earth’s most powerful leylines to create harmonic resonance with archetypal energies, frequencies, and Creative Divine Principles expressed in Nature as a living conscious energy, bridged and interacting through humanity. 

The Purpose of the Temple is to elevate Human Consciousness to the Divine Realms and invite the Divine Power of the Neteru to inhabit the Temples and unify with  Humanity.  Our journey will take us through the temples of Egypt to experience consciously these energies and creative principles within oneself, which the Egyptians identified as the Neteru. 

By holding the space and setting the container with high frequencies to assist you on this journey through the mystical land of Egypt to experience her living temples and Divine Wisdom codes. From the energy center of the Great Giza Pyramids and Sphinx to the Isis Temple at Philae and Karnak Temple in Luxor, via luxury Nile Cruise Ship with special visits to the mystical village of Abydos, Osirion, Dendarah, Valley of the  Kings, Hatshepsut, Edfu and Komombo Temples, culminating with luxury beach hotel on the Red Sea. Featuring private visits to some of the most profound Temples of Egypt, with spiritual guidance, energy healing work, group circles, meditations, facilitation and alchemical transmissions. 

We are honored to receive you.

Date: 19 May - 1 June 2020

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